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Health & Safety

Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do. We want everyone to go home everyday in the same condition in which they arrived. The health and safety of our own workers, sub-contractors, site visitors, clients, customers, the general public and anyone else who may be affected by our works is very important.

We keep all our staff and operatives fully trained with all the skills they need to carry out their work safely. But we also hold regular health and safety consultation meetings that give everyone the opportunity to exchange information and feedback to us too. Maybe workers would like to receive some specific training, maybe they want to tell us about some of their experiences on other sites or of best practices and innovations.

The culture of health and safety within the working environment is essential to keeping everyone exposed, safe. But the focus also needs to be on the health side of the coin as well as the safety. Lots of the measures that we put in place to protect a workers immediate safety also help to protect their long term health. By ensuring, with training and knowledge, that our workforce understand the risks to their long term health from such things as dust and manual handling also helps to improve their overall immediate safety.

The education of our workforce is the key to our health and safety success. If someone understands why they have to do things a certain way or with certain equipment and what could go wrong if they try and cut corners or improvise, helps them to stay safe and helps them to keep their colleagues safe too. All of our workers are aware of their own responsibilities as individual employees and the onus this places on them. The awareness of this responsibility also helps to keep everyone who may be affected by our works, safe.

Identification and elimination of risk is the key component to creating a safe working environment. If the risk can not be eliminated entirely then controlling it is the next step. To aid our workforce we invest in new plant and equipment regularly to reduce such conditions as hand arm vibration and to minimise work activities like manual handling. We ensure that PPE is available and suitable for the task at hand and if any individuals have specific needs, we consult with them to ensure these needs are met.

With experience of working as both main/principal contractor and as a sub-contractor, you can be assured that your works are in safe and knowledgeable hands. We fully understand our responsibilities in both roles and our experienced, SMSTS trained site managers and SSSTS trained supervisors will ensure safe and efficient delivery of all projects.

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